Flooding advice and information from the environment agency –

Our advice to the public is to stay safe and not enter floodwater – just 30 cm of fast flowing water
can move a car, and just 15 cm of fast flowing water could be enough to knock you off your feet.
What to do to prepare for flooding
• Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for updates on flooding, to sign up for flood warnings, or to report flooding.
• Go to www.gov.uk/prepare-for-flooding or search ‘know my flood risk’ to sign up for Environment Agency flood warnings, receive information on the risk in your area and what
to do in a flood.
• Sign up for flood warnings at www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings
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Or visit: www.somersetriversauthority.org.uk

What to do during a flood
• Stay up-to-date on weather information and warnings: https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/plan-ahead-for-flooding
• Report current flooding to the

Environment Agency 24hr Incident Hotline 0800 80 70 60 (main rivers or sea),

Somerset Council 0300 123 2224 (ordinary watercourses)

or Wessex Water (sewers) 0345 600 4600
• Get information on what to do during a flood from: www.gov.uk/help-during-flood
http:// www.somersetriversauthority.org.uk/useful-info
• Call 999 if there is a risk to life
• Remember: Always stay safe. In an immediate flood emergency or where there is a risk to
life, follow the advice of the emergency services.

Recovery from Flooding
• For information on recovering from flooding, see
How to recover from flooding – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
Or https://floodmary.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/homeowners-guide-to-flood-recovery.pdf
• Somerset Council may be able to support with housing and welfare issues
• Submit a detailed property flooding report at https://swim.geowessex.com/somerset
• Flooding is very distressing, and it is common for people’s emotional h ealth to be impacted.
Somerset Talking Therapies may be able to offer help: