Photographs from the visual history project will regularly be on display for you to view and enjoy, these will be both recent and older photographs and in some cases maybe you will be able to let us know a little bit about the people and events portrayed.

Walton Football club 1923 1924

This photograph is a recent donation from Mr. Chris Taylor – do you recognise any of the faces as a relative of yours? please let us know.

image of carved wall stone - W Crossman May 1815

Riggiston Farm

As Riggiston Barn is due to be renovated and developed photographs were taken to record it prior to these changes and the stone shown was pointed out to me

historical image of people in fancy dress on horse drawn cart

A Village Event

Can you provide any information about this event, or the people in the photograph?

historical image of residents outside old building on Main Street

A Group Photograph

Do you recognise them, or what the photograph was taken to record?
historical image of cricket team

A Village Team?

Do you have a date or name for this team?
old sepia image of two female residents

Two Residents

historical image of man whitelining old playing field for football

Applying White Lines

residents planting daffodil bulbs - Mr & Mrs Musgrave

Bulb Planting

Two residents planting bulbs to brighten up the village in spring
resident and teddie bear at harvest meal

Harvest ’teddy & friend

at the Harvest supper auction in 2010
historical image of elderly resident

An unknown

an unknown gentleman
residents at a harvest meal in the village hall

Harvest supper 2010

a well attended harvest supper
new homes at foxlands

New homes at Foxlands May 2021

The Foxlands development is now complete with families already moving in


if you can help with information about any of the older photographs please do let us know,

more to follow!