Press statement
For immediate release
Statement from Somerset County Council on the advisory poll on Local Government Reorganisation organised by Somerset District Councils
“We have been clear from the outset that this was a deeply flawed, biased and expensive exercise. Residents, businesses and other organisations that are key to local government services in Somerset had already had a well organised and accessible opportunity to make their views known on this matter – through the government’s official consultation.


“The Secretary of State will now make his decision of which proposal best meets the three tests he set out in his invitation to submit proposals for local government reorganisation in the county: a unitary council should improve local government in the county; the proposal should command a good deal of local support in the round; and a unitary council should have a population between 300,000 and 600,000.


“Any members of the public who would like to be involved in helping to develop the future of local government in Somerset are invited to join one of the consultative groups that we will be creating – for more information please visit”