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East Mead Field Community Area

Your Comments Please

Over the last few years, Walton Parish Council has been creating a ‘walk to’ green community area for residents to enjoy. The area is at East Mead lane, close to the allotments, and accessed by a pedestrian gate on the right-hand side of the road just past the allotments carpark.
The area currently has a new hedge starting to grow around it which was planted by local volunteers, the beginnings of a small orchard with apple trees becoming established, and two benches for seating.

This is a small beginning for what could become an enjoyable community area. There are several local public footpaths in the area and some good views over the surrounding countryside.
The Parish Council is now asking for your comments on how they have considered taking the project forward over the next few years. A short video of what the area looks like at present [as a lightly managed area,] may be seen below.
There were three options that the council considered before deciding how they wanted to proceed:

Rewilding, letting the area go back to nature. There would be no grass cutting, bramble removal, minimal hedge trimming, tree maintenance, etc. This option would mean that it would become increasingly overgrown and inaccessible to residents, more difficult to access or use as the community area that it was originally planned to be. The area was considered to be too small to be an effective area for fully rewilding.

Maintain the area as a formal park, this would involve regular hedge cutting, brambles and other weeds being removed, keeping the grass cut short as in the children’s play area [several cuts per month through the growing season.] Formal paths could be created. This option would involve very high initial and ongoing costs, prohibitively so unless the extra costs were passed on to residents via council tax. It was also considered not to be appropriate for this location and environmentally unsound.

A lightly managed green area, this would involve occasional grass trimming to encourage the creation of a wild flower meadow with informal pathways mowed through the grass. Hedges would be maintained and cut annually. Further tree planting would occur, a small copse area of native trees could be created, the small orchard enlarged, and additional seating could be provided.
The Council agreed to continue as now, working toward a lightly managed and accessible community area that is also environmentally friendly. This would both encourage and support local wildlife and wildflowers, but also provide a ‘walk to’ community area for residents to enjoy.
The parish council would like to hear your comments on this community area project and any ideas and suggestions that you would like to be considered. You can comment:
● By email:, please put ‘Community Area’ in the subject box
● Via the website using the comments page, please put ‘Community Area’ in the subject box
● By Post: Please send your comments to The Parish Clerk, C/o 21 Bere Lane Glastonbury BA6 8BD.
● By Hand: Please hand your completed response to any of your local parish Councillors or the parish clerk or leave in the box provided at the village hall


Thank you for giving your views on your local community and environment