Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, take care on bonfire night 

safety information is provided by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue’s website:

Fireworks night is just around the corner and Somerset Council is reminding everyone, to stay safe, reduce waste and follow the advice of the fire service.

Fireworks night is a fun time of year, with parties and back garden displays of bright lights and rockets. It is important that residents take care, celebrate fireworks night safely, and reduce waste where possible.

It’s essential to follow the advice from the fire service and other experts and take these simple steps to help keep everyone safe:

  • Before putting fireworks in your rubbish, drench embers and soak used or part-spent fireworks in a bucket of water to prevent a fatal fire.
  • Never use a bonfire to burn waste – rubber, foam, plastics and paints will all release toxic gases when burning.
  • For a safe bonfire, stick to untreated wood, dry branches, and garden wastes, including leaves. Avoid adding wet garden materials as they will release more smoke.
  • Check the bonfire for hedgehogs or other creatures hiding within the pile.
  • Protect pets by warning local people about any fireworks or fire that could disturb animals.
  • Don’t set off sky lanterns because of the fire risk and danger to wildlife from the remains.
  • Misfired or partly spent fireworks must be soaked in water and the manufacturer or supplier contacted for disposal guidance.

As well as staying safe when celebrating, the council is urging households to use bonfire night to waste less.

Cllr Dixie Darch, Somerset Council’s Lead Member for Climate and the Environment said:

“Bonfire night is a fun-filled spectacle but it’s important to know how to properly dispose of fireworks to prevent bin fires.

“The celebrations can also be the perfect opportunity to use up leftovers and waste less. Raid the fridge, freezer and cupboards to make great party food.

“Avoid single-use party plates and cups (even if they are recyclable), ask guests to bring along a reusable plate and cup.”